Interview with Isabelle Senéterre and Highlights

Isabelle Senéterre, Head of Human Resources

“What is at stake is supporting our transformation, while preserving our original DNA and making the best of our increased diversity.” Isabelle Senéterre

Making our transformation a source of enrichment

From an operational standpoint, what is the status of the Amundi-Pioneer Investments merger?
We have achieved the expected synergies. Headcount reduction – 537 people at the end of 2018 – has been finalised. Our resources have been primarily adapted based on voluntary participation and internal mobility, be it crossfunctional or geographic. We also wanted to support Amundi’s development strategy, by providing our growing business lines with additional resources, while staying true to our longstanding commitment to efficiency. In other words, our goal is to make our organisation even more productive and more agile.

What is mainly at stake in 2019?
Internationalisation remains the major challenge. Amundi has now become a truly international organisation, with over half its people outside of France. So what is at stake is supporting our transformation, while preserving our original DNA, i.e. our inclusiveness, our flexibility and our social values, and making the best of our increased diversity. We already benefit from new managerial blood, with a third of our top managers now coming from Pioneer Investments. To strengthen our new identity, our organisation needs to evolve. We must aim for more formality, and more transparency, in the implementation of our ground rules – which everybody has to abide by – and become increasingly decentralised – and pragmatic – in order to take local specificities and good practices into account. We also need to keep our focus on training and helping our people adapt to this new deal, which they have to see and experience as a source of cultural and professional enrichment.

What about Amundi’s CSR approach?
In line with our SRI approach, we need to apply sustainable development principles to our own organisation. Regarding HR, we have adopted an ongoing progress approach, which is built on several key pillars, such as common social standards, our commitment to preserving people’s employability, the recognition of human and professional diversity and solidarity with the most fragile among our staff. Of course, we also maintain our contribution to many initiatives for the employment of young people and people with disabilities.

“Give a hand”, 6th edition

The “Give a Hand” programme, implemented since 2013, aims to help Amundi employees who engage in solidarity projects. In 2018, for its 6th edition, 20 projects were selected and funded by Amundi. The chosen projects covered a wide range of topics, in France, Asia or Africa, but all shared the same goal of reinforcing solidarity. The 2018 “Coup de Coeur” went to a project carried out by the association Theodora, and aimed at contributing to the well-being of sick and disabled children.

Engaged employees

For the third year in a row, Amundi was part of the Engagement and Recommendation Index (ERI), which measures the level of employee engagement. 59% of 4,000 people across 15 countries responded, which represents a 15% rise from 2017. Amundi’s global ERI (1) score reached 64% of favourable responses and this went up to 70% for questions directly related to Amundi. These results clearly show the high level of engagement of Amundi’s teams.

(1) Average of favourable answers to the 21 questions asked in the survey and used to measure ERI.

Amundi adapts its training tools

To help its employees better understand the stakes of the Group’s internationalisation process, Amundi has evolved its training tools. Digital is ever more present, with the rise of the Phileas platform, which offers open self-service modules for learning new languages especially. In parallel, higher quality and better targeted training has been deployed, to support internal moves or to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow.

83 The number of internal moves in Europe since the Amundi- Pioneer Investments merger