Amundi’s strategic ambitions

Thanks to its unique business model, industrial approach and client-centric organisation, the Group has all the assets it needs to pursue its profitable growth, which continues to be organic.

Asset management: a changing industry
The asset management industry is characterised by high fixed costs, ongoing investment needs and the dominance of US players. In 2018, the sector posted robust long-term growth despite a more challenging market environment. The continued low interest rate environment, combined with increased uncertainty, weighed on margins and inflows. The year was also marked by increased competition from US players and major technological changes.

Key success factors in this environment:

  • Innovating in the design of savings and investment solutions
  • Delivering performance
  • Providing clients with a global service (consultancy, reporting, etc.)
  • Efficient and effective infrastructures (notably IT)
  • Operational efficiency

Amundi: a story of development, based on a unique model...
Amundi’s story is a story of profitable development, which has led to the creation of a European leader with a global dimension. Combining growth and profitability, Amundi today enjoys an established reputation.

This development is based on a unique, differentiating strategic positioning:

  • A global presence and a diversified asset base by client type, asset class and geography
  • A client-focused organisation, built around two segments: Retail and Institutional
  • A complete offer in active, passive and real asset management
  • A unique partnership approach with networks and distributors
  • A high-level technical platform
  • An efficient industrial model, with a cost-to-income ratio among the lowest in the industry
  • A highly entrepreneurial culture

… and with many growth drivers
Each of Amundi’s business lines has a high intrinsic development potential in all the countries where it operates. Amundi also has real know-how in developing distribution partnerships, particularly in Europe and Asia. The Group constantly offers new services, whether for Retail investors, networks, distributors or Institutional investors, as well as for any financial player seeking to focus on asset management while benefiting from the quality of Amundi’s infrastructures. Since its creation in 2010, Amundi has defined Responsible Investment as one of its founding pillars. In October 2018, an ambitious three-year action plan was put in place to bring its engagement to a whole new level and to meet the growing expectations of investors.

Amundi’s ambition is to become one of the leaders in the global asset management industry, based on:

I the quality of the expertise and services it offers to its clients
II its strong growth and profitability trends
III its position as a committed financial player

ESG objective SBY 2021

Amundi will be 100% ESG* in its ratings, investment management and voting policy
x2 Double ESG assets under passive management
x2 Double investment in the social and solidarity economy