“Our major asset is our ability to invent and offer solutions adapted to each market segment.” Éric Van Eyken

Éric Van Eyken
Chief Executive Officer of Amundi Benelux

The asset management landscapes in all three Benelux countries are quite different. While banks in the Netherlands have long incorporated thirdparty funds in their local offerings, the Belgian market is not as open and Luxembourg is feeling the consequences of losing its tax haven status. “We are the number one “foreign” asset manager in Belgium,” says Éric Van Eyken. “In Luxembourg, we are in the top ten in terms of assets under management and, thanks to our partnership with ABN Amro, we have achieved significant progress in the Netherlands, on a highly concentrated market. Our main asset resides in our ability to invent and offer tailor-made solutions, that take our partners’ specificities into account,” continues Érik Van Eyken. “We are also a recognised player in the area of ESG*, which has long been very prevalent in the Netherlands and is gaining serious traction in Belgium. Most of our mandates in both countries do include ESG components.”

Flexibility, reactivity and social responsibility will be the keys to Amundi’s growth in Benelux in the years to come. “We will have to implement ever more personalised approaches,” explains Éric Van Eyken. “We will also continue to promote our flagship funds and innovative expertise for our large clients, and we will increase our focus on highgrowth segments such as real and alternative assets, and, of course, ESG.”

Amundi Benelux’s largest eight clients have each invested over €1 billion in our products