Amundi develops discretionary management

UniCredit entrusted Amundi Italy with the development of Premiere, a service offering for high net-worth and private bank clients. This new multi-managed and modular investment solution has been distributed in Italy since January 2018. “Premiere” has been built around a basic component – mainly invested in ETFs – and is available with three distinct risk profiles. It perfectly fits the bank’s advisory model and is fully compliant with MiFID II*.

S.A.M to support lcl

In September 2018, LCL Gestion, Amundi’s department dedicated to the Amundi-LCL relationship, deployed its S.A.M – “Service Allocation Mandat”, or mandate allocation service – tool across the LCL and LCL Banque Privée networks. S.A.M will help monitor model portfolios for management mandates, equity savings plans and life insurance policies, thus providing guidelines for advisors when they meet clients or prospects.

“Mandat sélection ”, a new joint offering by amundi and crédit agricole assurances

In an environment of fluctuating markets, more and more clients want help to diversify their life insurance policies. That is why Amundi and Crédit Agricole Assurances created the “Mandat Sélection” offering, included in the Predissime 9 contract. Teams of managers and analysts identify and select the best potential opportunities. One year after its launch, over 65,000 clients have opted for “Mandat Sélection”.

Marta Marin
Chief Executive Officer of Amundi Iberia

“In 2018, Amundi Iberia strengthened its partnership with ING Spain, with seven new profile funds for a new passive management positioning launched by ING and a specific training program for their networks. Prior to this, Amundi had already been managing six funds, accounting for more than 1.78 billion euros as of the end of December 2018. This new mandate confirms the choice of ING Spain to pick Amundi as a privileged partner.”  Marta Marin

100,000 The number of discretionary management mandates held by Société Générale Gestion, in March 2018, through its flagship delegated management services, Alliage Gestion and Gestion Sous Mandat.

3rd This is how State Bank of India Mutual Fund, SBI MF, now ranks on the Indian market in terms of assets under management. Amundi’s Indian joint venture experienced a recordbreaking year in 2018 and went up from fifth to third position overall.

Meditech, a new equity thematic by cpram* in Japan

In July 2018, in partnership with CPR AM, Amundi Japan launched MediTech*, a new thematic fund dedicated to medical technology. MediTech was initially distributed by two of the Resona Group’s banking networks in the Kansai region – around Osaka and Kobe – and is now also sold by Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities, one of the country’s largest four networks for retail real estate assets. MediTech has so far proved highly successful, with over €400 million in net subscriptions on all expertise as of December 2018.