Interview with Valérie Baudson and Highlights

Valérie Baudson, ceo of cpr am* and of the etf, indexing and smart beta*business line 

“In 2018, we confirmed our growth momentum in ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta*.”​  Valérie Baudson

In 2018, the ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta expertise enjoyed an excellent year. How do you explain this performance?
In 2018, we confirmed our growth momentum and exceeded 95 billion euros in assets under management (1). This can be explained by the excellent performance of our ETF expertise, which increased its market share and ranks fourth in Europe at the end of 2018 (2). Our Index and Smart Beta management expertise also enjoyed significant wins with international Institutional and Sovereign clients.

What are your ambitions for 2019 and beyond?
We primarily want to consolidate our position as a trusted partner for ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta solutions, and to reach 200 billion euros in AUM by 2023. To this end, we aim to further penetrate the European market, but also to perform outside of Europe, in areas where the UCITS* ETF label attracts a lot of investors. In a post MiFID II* environment, the development of the Retail segment will be one of our focuses. We will continue to implement our competitive pricing and ongoing innovationbased strategy. Finally, we are reinforcing our ability to develop tailor-made investment solutions for Institutional clients, with the creation of a dedicated Solutions team.

How will your business line contribute to Amundi’s overall 2021 ESG* strategy?
By 2021, we aim to double our ESG AUM in passive management. In that context, we recently launched a complete range of ESG equity and bond ETFs. In addition, we will continue to promote our recognised expertise for customized solutions, especially in the area of decarbonisation.

(1) Amundi data as of 31/12/2018.
(2) Source: Deutsche Bank ETF report.​

Amundi launches first artificial intelligence thematic etf

Amundi ETF spearheaded innovation once again in 2018 with the launch of Amundi Stoxx Global Artificial Intelligence UCITS ETF*, the very first ETF which banks on artificial intelligence. It offers investors wide exposure to the most promising AI companies all over the world. Selection criteria notably include the number of AI-related patents filed over the last three years.

10 years, In 2018, the Amundi Funds Bond Global Aggregate* celebrated its 10th anniversary. As of December 2018, this fund amounted to 4.5 billion euros of assets under management.

€1bn CPR Invest – Global Disruptive Opportunities* crossed the 1 billion euros in AUM milestone in less than two years after its launch.

Two new thematic funds, on education and climate

In 2018, CPR AM* expanded its range with two new thematic funds. CPR Invest – Education*, the first international equity fund dedicated to education includes around 70 companies that operate within the education ecosystem. CPR Invest – Climate Action* is another compartment of the Luxembourg-based Sicav* CPR Invest, and includes some of the world’s most committed companies for the environmental and energy transition, regardless of their areas of expertise. It aims at achieving long-term performance above that of global equity markets, while respecting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals regarding climate management.

More than $2bn in catastrophe bonds

Amundi’s US subsidiary globally manages over $2bn in Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS), and a dedicated portfolio has been created for this particular asset class, which is uncorrelated with traditional financial markets. At the end of September 2018, the dedicated strategy crossed the $1bn milestone in AUM, before wildfires in California and typhoons in Japan during the fall of 2018 led to a slight decrease in its net asset value.