Interview with Evi Vogl and Highlights

Evi Vogl, chief executive officer of amundi germany

“We will have to meet the challenge of turning savings into investments.”​ Evi Vogl

At the end of 2017, Germany was the first country to migrate to the Amundi platform. One year later, can you assess the benefits of this move, for your organisation and your clients?
The migration to Amundi’s platform is now a thing of the past. We achieved it on time and quite seamlessly and we have now been operating as Amundi Deutschland GmbH since November 2017. Thanks to excellent planning and fast execution, we never lost our focus on business and serving our clients. The merger actually helped us expand our customer base and enabled our clients to benefit from a significantly enriched range of products and solutions.

A local Advisory Board was created in Germany. What is its role?
We expect our Advisory Board to help us grow further. Its members are all experienced and seasoned professionals with a proven knowledge of the financial industry. We are convinced they will provide independent, unbiased and highly relevant insights and advice that will help us expand our market position in Germany.

What are your ambitions for Amundi in Germany in 2019?
We are likely to face high volatility and slower growth in our market environment. So our main challenges will be to turn savings into investments and to answer the rising demand for steady income. We will rely on multi-asset solutions as well as on our range of income funds that focus on distribution, and we will lay emphasis on uncorrelated portfolio building blocks, in the form of absolute return products, for instance. We will also keep our focus on raising brand awareness, as Amundi is still a new name on the German market. We will do it through targeted advertising campaigns and systematic presence at all major industry events and trade shows.

Amundi services gains two new prestigious international clients

Amundi Services, the dedicated service platform for asset managers and Institutional investors launched in 2016, established two major partnerships in 2018. In February, Amundi Services was entrusted with supervising and managing Goldman Sachs’s fund platforms registered under Luxembourg law, and more specifically its quantitative strategies and alternative UCITS* funds. Towards the end of the year, Amundi Services also started supplying operational management systems to Fineco Asset Management, a subsidiary of the Italian bank Fineco.

Amundi suite: a digital solution for networks

Amundi Suite is a digital solution aimed at helping the Group’s distributing partners. It provides a unique entry point to the Group’s full range of tools and services, allowing each partner to customise its own “suite” according to its specific needs, by selecting functionalities within dedicated modules: Amundi Solutions Hub, Amundi Academy, Amundi Information, Amundi Advisory. All “suites” will progressively include new services, as they will evolve and grow with the distribution partnerships.

The process for all IT migrations of former Pioneer Investments entities has been fully respected.

  • November 2017 GERMANY
  • March 2018 CZECH REPUBLIC
  • September 2018 ITALY
  • November 2018 AUSTRIA
  • 1st half of 2019 UNITED STATES

Amundi ESR rewarded for its robo-advisor

After receiving the Profidéo (1) Innovation Award in May 2018, Amundi ESR’s robo-advisor, launched in November 2017, was rewarded with Agefi (2)’s AM Tech Leader prize in November. Amundi ESR’s robo-advisor is the first fully automated employee savings investment advisory service, and has already been used by more than 50% of its potential users.

(1) Profidéo is an independent player and has specialised in analysing banking and insurance products and services for over 30 years.
(2) Agefi is a French media outlet specialised in finance and economics.

Seamless It Migrations

The timeline for all IT migrations of former Pioneer Investments entities, which had started with Germany in November 2017, was fully respected in 2018. All the entities scheduled to migrate onto Amundi’s platform – Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Singapore, Italy and Austria – did so in due time and without any technical problems. American entities are expected to migrate in the first half of 2019.